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Company establishment and Industrial factory contracting services in Romania

Edc Investment

Romanian EU Funds and Tender Consultancy Company

Edc Investment is a well-established EU Fund, Tender Consultancy Company Operating in Romania

Edc Investment

Giants of Turkey, He chose us for industrial factory contracting services, EU Funds and Infrastructure Tenders



Borusan Mannesmann

Ali Okyay, Vice President of Borusan Mannesmann, who bought land in Ploieşti for the establishment of a factory in Romania, and Nazmi Doğan, owner of Borusan Mannesmann's investment consultant EDC company and President of the Turkish Investment Association, visited our Ambassador Füsun Aramaz the other day and informed them about their investment to be established on 23 hectares

Ali Okyay also said that the process, which was initiated last year, is progressing quickly and successfully, accompanied by the Romanian Turkish Investment Association and with Nazmi Doğan, owner of Edc Investment, a Consultancy Company Operating in Romania

Ağır Haddecilik

Ağır Haddecilik & Edc Investment Romania Consultancy

Edc Investment

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Company & Factory Establishment Procedures

We Provide All Consultancy Services and Manage the Processes Regarding Company and Factory Establishment in Romania.

Consultancy & Tenders and EU Projects

Our company manages projects with zero errors in the file by following all the legislation required for tender participation and European Union incentives in compliance with EU norms, especially in Romania.

Solar Energy and Energy Systems

Solar is one of the most affordable and clean renewable energy sources. This is why photovoltaic development is an area that has made the greatest progress in the last decade.

Logistics and Customs Clearance

EDC LOGISTICS Call us for price and loading and our sales representative will immediately bring you the best suggestion with a special offer.


In addition to our other consultancy services, we also offer professional services in the field of construction.

Edc Investment

We Periodically Hold B2B Meetings and Business Development Meetings with Various Sectors

As Edc Investment, we periodically hold B2B and Business Development Meetings with Various Sectors

As Edc Investment, we are the only Turkish capital Tender and EU Fund project preparation and fund management company in Europe with our Tender, European Fund, SME Loans, Regional Development Funds, Legal Service, company team and business partners.

We hold lobby and corporate promotions, B2B, Webinar and Joint Procurement Committee Studies, and Official Meetings with NGOs and Chambers of Commerce.

We Serve You with a Professional Team, Experts in Their Fields.

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We Offer You Professional Consultancy Services in Company Establishment in Romania, EU Tenders and Funds in Romania, Logistics, Construction and Many Fields with our Expert Team in the Field